BIMrx Core

BIMrx Core provides an intuitive, native interface to create advanced selections of model geometry and roundtrip that information between Autodesk Revit and Microsoft Excel. This allows project participants to quickly and efficiently share data with all project stakeholders and add or update model information using the power of Excel. Collaboration between Revit and non-Revit users is streamlined by exporting important BIM design information into a digestible format that can be leveraged to make edits, enhance reporting and determine asset requirements.

New Features, Now Available

  • Cloud model support

  • Selective Family and Parameter Export

  • Export and Import from Revit Schedules

  • Append to the existing selection

  • Support for Rooms and Spaces

  • Advanced Selection Features

  • Parameter Filter Creation

  • Support for Type Parameter Export and Import

BIMrx Core

The Benefits of BIMrx Core

  • Update your model and drawings with information from non-Revit users or sources

  • Manage assets by merging model-based information (locations, quantities and design data) with outside sources (commissioning information, barcodes)

  • Speed-Up Data Entry in your drawings using Excel formulas and tool

  • Quickly provide information to non-Revit users, such as project managers, clients or engineers

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Combine the Power of Revit with the Ease of Excel

BIMrx Core is the first in a suite of tools Microdesk is releasing, custom-built for AECO professionals. When combined with vertical-unique add-ons including BIMrx Architecture and BIMrx MEP, BIMrx users will benefit from a wide range of features, including a holistic integration with Autodesk’s cloud-worksharing BIM 360 platform. The addition of analytics will also improve intelligence-based data and asset management across Building Information Modeling platforms.

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