Comprehensive Content and Streamlined Workflows, All-in-One Optimized Database

BIMrx Fabrication DBS is an optimized database solution for Revit that eliminates mismatched connector errors, inconsistent materials, unorganized folder structure, incorrect Bill of Materials and time spent searching for parts! With reliable parts for Revit, Global naming conventions, and a native integration with BIMrx Fabrication, the BIMrx Fabrication DBS is all-in-one database solution. 

Stop wasting time with bad databases and paying for out of the box content. BIMrx Fabrication DBS was built from the ground up, by experienced Fabrication Specialists and VDC modelers, to meet the specific needs of Fabricators. All parts have been built to support real-world projects and are integrated with BIMrx Fabrication, an application developed specifically to streamline the fabrication process including the creation of spool drawings.

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“Keeping fabrication databases updated and standardized can be a difficult task, especially during periods where projects begin to overlap. The BIMrx Fabrication DBS streamlines design without sacrificing quality or consistency.” – Nicholas Wolf, Director of VDC Services

Standard Global Database Naming Conventions

Extensive Fabrication Parts Library

Native Integration with BIMrx Fabrication 

MCAA Labor & CINX HPH Costing

Optimized Service Templates

Available Database Administration Services

Accurate Bill of Materials

Product Information Editor with Unique Microdesk ID Codes

The Support You Need, When You Need It. 

Microdesk maintains one of the largest and most qualified consulting teams in the industry. Our Fabrication experts have spent thousands of hours in the field working with contractors around the globe and are proficient in AutoCAD, Revit, Navisworks, BIM 360, Fabrication CADmep and CAMduct.

We’ve worked with thousands of clients, including mechanical subcontractors and modular prefabricators, to rein in unruly databases that have become inundated with various naming conventions, incorrectly sourced information and outdated files.

With BIMrx Fabrication DBS you’ll have a database that really works and superior product support from a team of experienced fabrication experts who understand the fabrication process. 

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Microdesk also provides additional solutions for:

  • ITM Creation
  • Profile Job Creation
  • Service Template Creation
  • Database Routine Maintenance
  • Revit Fabrication Template Creation
  • Product Information Editor
  • Full VDC Services for model creation and coordination
Our Fabrication Portfolio Includes Firms Like Yours.

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