Advanced Modeling & Fabrication Commands

BIMrx Fabrication streamlines pipe, duct and conduit modeling with features that easily align and connect fittings and brand lines.

Automate hanger layout using your specifications to set spacing, hanger types, sizes and more, then export points to your total station.

Streamline spooling by creating well-laid out sheets with part lists directly from Revit, then export data to Excel for bill of materials reporting and estimating.

Access deeper fabrication settings for more detailed takeoffs with speed and accuracy via this comprehensive software.

These fabrication commands and features were built by contractors for contractors.

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BIMrx Fabrication Commands and Features

Modeling and Modifying Efficiencies and Detailing

Sync Fab Parameters

Hanger Arrays 

Create Floor and Wall Sleeves

Selection BOM

Spooling & Renumbering

Automate Tagging

Export CSV to Total Station

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BIMrx Core

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BIMrx Fabrication

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