BIMrx Fabrication 

Advanced Modeling and Fabrication Tools​

BIMrx Fabrication, the latest in the BIMrx product line from Microdesk’s development team, is the efficient, time-saving solution for MEP and Construction firms. It’s features and workflows were built with the Fabrication software user in mind.

BIMrx Fabrication brings relevant information to users without stopping your workflow. Paired with the automation features for tagging, spooling and hangers you’ll increase efficiencies and productivity. 

Featuring Microdesk Hangers

  • Works with fabrication (.itm) hangers

  • Works with fabrication database ductwork/piping.

  • Places hangers with the appropriate size and elevation

  • Can leverage existing fabrication database hanger specifications

  • Fabrication Properties: Export individual fabrication hanger properties or common properties of selected fabrication parts.

  • Ability to place hanger arrays with configurable spacing (distance from ends, spacing between each other)

  • Can leverage existing fabrication database hanger specifications

  • Utilize BIMrx Core to Export detailed BOMs for quantity ordering from native Revit parameters by selection or from Revit schedules.

Additional BIMrx Fabrication Suite features include:

Coming soon to BIMrx Fabrication

  • Spooling features

  • Point Layout Feature

  • MAJ Export

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