Drive Efficiency with Modeling & Parameters

What would a 20-30% increase in modeling efficiency mean to you?

One of the biggest challenges for MEP engineers and designers is the number of views and sections required to accurately model duct, pipe and conduit. Keeping track of these areas can slow down a Revit model and create confusion.

BIMrx MEP solves this challenge by providing an extensive set of commands and features allowing users to model with ease while producing more accurate results in record time. Modelers, drafters, and engineers will become power users as they extend their ability to work within a single 3D view.

Built to drive efficiencies in the design and construction process while getting projects out the door faster, BIMrx MEP enables teams to streamline low-level modeling tasks so they can focus on innovating for sustainability and digital transformation.

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BIMrx MEP Commands and Features


Move Connect

Routing & Rerouting

Align Branch

Model elbows on the fly in 2D or 3D



Delete System

Advanced Circuiting Options

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