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What would a 16% increase in modeling efficiency mean to you?

BIMrx gets projects out the door faster with modeling, project management and documentation features for leading Autodesk software, making you more competitive globally while meeting the demands of urbanization. This suite of powerful products reduce Revit design time by 50% and are custom-tailored to various AECO disciplines, automating the low-value processes associated with BIM project delivery.

Whether you’re modeling Mechanical, Plumbing or Electrical systems, the features in BIMrx can simplify the process. BIMrx applications can help speed up data entry by using formulas and tools to update models with MEP, fabrication or project parameters from non-Revit users or sources while managing assets by merging model-based information with outside sources. This means your teams spend less time editing models and more time focused on innovating for sustainability and practice-wide digital transformation.

Discover the benefits of making large-scale changes at every stage of a project.

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Discover the BIMrx Suite of Products:

BIMrx Core is the foundation to the BIMrx product suite. Core provides an intuitive, native interface to create advanced selections of model geometry and round-trip that information between Autodesk Revit and Microsoft Excel. This allows project participants to quickly and efficiently share data with all project stakeholders and add or update model information using the power of Excel.

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The BIMrx Cloud Manager allows BIM360 Administrators to quickly and easily add and manage projects. Tasks like bulk project creation, file uploads and user creation are streamlined, and browsing is available for both local and cloud-based assets. The BIMrx Cloud Manager is essential for full network synchronization between designer hard drives and BIM 360. If you are responsible for managing BIM 360 Users and or projects, BIMrx Cloud Manager is for you.

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BIMrx Cloud Manager Pro provides users with the ability to schedule project uploading, publishing and downloading. This highly-requested feature allows users with access to set downloads or uploads to begin when they wrap up for the day, returning to ready files the following morning.

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BIMrx Fabrication extends the functionality of CADmep to the Revit environment allowing users to spool and detail HVAC and piping with speed and accuracy. BIMrx Fabrication Properties allows designers to directly see database properties of fabrication parts directly from within Revit and export data to Excel for bill of materials reporting and estimating.

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BIMrx MEP provides a means to quickly and accurately model 3D objects without the need for cutting multiple sections and having multiple open views. It solves common MEP modeling challenges by providing a set of tools to model in a single 3D view. A user can accurately layout both horizontal and vertical runs of ductwork and piping with the same parametric abilities as before.

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BIMrx Fabrication DBS is an optimized database solution for Revit that eliminates mismatched connector errors, inconsistent materials, unorganized folder structure, incorrect Bill of Materials and time spent searching for parts! With reliable parts for Revit, Global naming conventions, and a native integration with BIMrx Fabrication, the BIMrx Fabrication DBS is all-in-one database solution. 

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BIMrx Commands & Features

Combine the Power of Revit with the Ease of Excel 

Advanced Modeling and Fabrication Tools 

Streamlined workflows 

Single 3D views

Enterprise Administration for BIM 360 

Improved Project Setup and Management

Hanger Placement tool 

Scheduled project uploading, publishing and downloading

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BIMrx Core

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BIMrx Fabrication

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BIMrx Fabrication DBS

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BIMrx Cloud Manager

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BIMrx Cloud Manager Pro

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