Purpose-built software to add efficiency to
project management, modeling, and documentation.
Software built by AEC professionals for AEC professionals.

BIMrx gets projects out the door faster with modeling, project management and documentation features for leading Autodesk software, making you more competitive globally while meeting the demands of urbanization. This suite of powerful products cuts Revit modeling time by up to 50% and is purpose-built for various AECO disciplines, automating the low-value processes associated with BIM project delivery.

Microdesk’s assistance in navigating us through testing BIMrx Core and BIMrx MEP with an in-house beta team and subsequently rolling out those BIMrx tools to the remainder of our firm was nothing short of exceptional. Microdesk worked with us to provide our users with ample opportunities for live trade-specific-training while also making themselves available for on-going support throughout our BIMrx use. Quotes from the team: “Where was this 6-months ago!” and “These tools have improved the quality of my work-life!”
Nora Swanson, Director of Design Technologies, AKF Group

I believe the BIMrx Suite of software is an invaluable tool for MEP Engineers. The features that I find most useful are the ones that allow the design team to respond to architectural and structural changes quickly and easily. On the BIM Manager side of the project, managing/adding revisions, publishing models and doing standard repeated tasks has become a breeze. If you are looking to handle REVIT projects more efficiently, this software if definitely the way to go.

Brian Dover, BIM Dept. Manager, Skyline Engineering
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Elevate Revit Project, Data & Document Management

BIMrx Core elevates Revit project setup, model management, and documentation by providing project teams with ways to streamline and automate their workflows. From setting up sheets, to creating/placing/aligning views, to managing excel data, to tagging elements, to managing revisions, and creating print sets, BIMrx Core is designed to work throughout your entire project lifecycle.

This native integration is developed for project stakeholders seeking to reduce the low-value processes associated with BIM project delivery. BIMrx Core speeds up data entry and management then produces documentation for collaboration with Revit and non-Revit users alike.

Sheet View Manager

Extract & Update from Excel


Tag Select


Revision Manager

We have been leveraging BIMrx for about a year now and have seen extensive time savings throughout our BIM design team. BIMrx MEP has helped our engineers model faster than ever in Revit, allowing us to keep up with a growing client base.

Rajen Patel, Associate Principal, BR+A Consulting Engineers

Microdesk provided us with a unique software solution in BIMrx from which we have seen roughly a 20% efficiency increase on our Revit MEP coordination projects. Their continued development and willingness to incorporate user feedback has produced a great tool we use every day.

Antony Henson, Regional Director, Ibsecad

Drive Efficiency with Modeling & Parameters

One of the biggest challenges for MEP engineers and designers is the number of views and sections required to accurately model duct, pipe and conduit. BIMrx MEP solves this challenge by providing an extensive set of commands allowing users to model with ease while producing more accurate results in record time.

BIMrx MEP plugs directly into Revit and delivers optimized workflows, engineered by Microdesk’s MEP consultants over the course of 10 years and 600 MEP client engagements. This application simplifies complicated tasks like modeling sloped pipes, resolving clashes, connecting kick 90’s and tagging complex lighting plans. Dozens of additional tools provide real-world shortcuts that intuitively function and can shave hours off Revit modeling time. 

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Reroute Over/Under

Copy Circuits

Move Connect

Flip Multiple

Align Branch

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Advanced Modeling & Fabrication Commands

BIMrx Fabrication increases productivity and revenue for VDC designers, detailers and contractors. Streamline pipe, duct and MEP modeling with features that easily align and connect fittings, and auto elevate and pitch branch lines to connect into pitched mains, all without changing views! The comprehensive set of features also includes automating hanger layouts, annotation and tagging, simplifying multiple sleeve placement and easing creation of auto-annotated spool drawings with BOM lists.

Access deeper fabrication settings for more detailed takeoffs with speed and accuracy via this comprehensive software with commands and features built by contractors for contractors.


Hanger Arrays

Sleeve Commands

Spooling Manager

Sync Fab Parameters

Total Station Point Commands

Comprehensive Content and Streamlined Workflows

The BIMrx Fabrication DBS is an optimized database solution for Revit that was purpose-built by experienced Fabrication Specialists and VDC modelers to meet the specific needs of Fabricators. The database includes features, templates and files for creating and organizing connectors, folder structures and Bill of Materials, all while saving time searching for parts and updating models.

When paired with our administration services, the BIMrx Fabrication DBS can streamline your firm’s design and project management workflows.

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Global Naming Conventions

Extensive Parts Library

MCAA Labor & CINX HPH Costing

Optimized Service Templates

Product Information Editor

Database Admin Services

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BIM 360 Project Management Simplified

Developed for BIM 360 and Autodesk Construction Cloud administrators that are managing multiple project simultaneously, BIMrx Cloud Manager accelerates bulk project setup, simplifies member management and automates data management tasks.

Upgrade to BIMrx Cloud Manager Pro to provide users with the ability to schedule project publishing, uploading, and downloading. The Pro version also includes an intuitive integration with BIMrx Core, allowing for the automatic generation of PDF’s and NWC’s on demand or on a schedule.

Export as PDF or NWC

Connect to BIM 360 Hubs

Create Multiple Projects

Add Users to Multiple Projects

Automate Uploading & Downloading

Sync Folders & Files

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BIMrx Core

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BIMrx Fabrication

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BIMrx Fabrication DBS

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BIMrx Cloud Manager

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BIMrx Cloud Manager Pro

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