The Microdesk Career Journey

By Rui Tang, VDC Application Development Specialist

Explore the career path of one of Microdesk’s VDC Application Specialists, Rui Tang, and see why so many love to call Microdesk home for building their career.

My fascination with assembling and streamlining process began while I was attending Columbia University. I was eager to apply what I had learned into everyday work scenarios after graduating from the Construction Engineering and Management program. This led me to my first position as an estimation engineer for a small general contractor.

In the estimation engineer role, I learned about the day-to-day work in the construction industry, including the struggles specifically caused by the lack of efficient communications and streamlined processes. One day, I found myself working overtime on a tedious task gathering project information and tracking project progress.

As I started to research how I could combine programming with BIM, my career path shifted, and I landed at Microdesk. I joined as a Solutions Specialist and immediately dove into learning Dynamo, Python and RevitAPI.

There is a rich soil here for growth as everyone embraces new and creative ways to solve problems for clients.

Education is key in this career. My graduate program taught me some principles and applications of project management in the construction industry—specifically how important communication is. My previous work experience also played a huge role in preparing for my career growth. It gave me hands-on experience of what each construction worker is doing on the jobsite and in an engineering office. Without this, I wouldn’t have experienced the complexities of field situations and develop a strategy to navigate and automate them.

My work is an ongoing game of puzzles. The success I have found in my career is how I developed a way to keep enjoying this game and find the beauty and artistry in the ways of solving the puzzles my career presents me.

I am always thrilled for challenging opportunities to revolutionize the lives of everyone involved in the industry.

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