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Connecting Data toward Sustainability Initiatives

From net-zero goals to maximizing energy efficiency, AECO firms are prioritizing sustainability throughout the project lifecycle. The foundation of this long-term decision making is comprehensive building data encompassing maintenance, energy, and asset information.

Watch on-demand now, led by the Microdesk Co-Innovation Lab, to find out how connected data can inform sustainability goals.

  • Learn about the lifecycle impacts of buildings and the definitions of net-zero and sustainable buildings.
  • Learn about the tools, standards, and workflows that can facilitate the data collection to support carbon and performance tracking.
  • Learn about strategies to reduce embodied carbon and operational carbon from design to operational stage.
  • Understand the value and impact of introduced tools and workflow to enable the connected data.
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Meet the Speaker

Dr. Eve Lin
EAM Strategy Consultant

As an EAM Strategy Consultant and Sustainability Lead at Microdesk, Eve specializes in providing strategic and technical solutions for clients throughout their project lifecycle to facilitate sustainable practices. Her involvements range from building performance simulation, early design performance feedback, design automation, BIM and GIS integration, to sustainable asset management.

Luc Wing
Architecture Solution Specialist

Luc Wing is an Architecture Solution Specialist at Microdesk. He has made it his mission and promote integrating sustainable solutions and mindsets into BIM throughout the lifecycle of a project. Luc has even assisted firms support, promote and participate with the 2030 initiative. He relentlessly reviews building performance analysis to ensure the Microdesk team is making informed design decisions that will have greater impact on projects.

Shivani Soni
Strategy and Innovation Lead, Global

Leading our Co-Innovation Lab, globally, where “Innovation meets Vision.” Shivani Soni is responsible for the development of the R&D department, primarily focusing on co-developing strategic, organization-wide Digital Transformation journeys. She works to progress the AECO industry through Co-Researching, Co-Creating, and Implementing objectives such as Net-Zero (Sustainability) to meet the demands of Globalization and Urbanization. Shivani is also involved in numerous groups focusing on process innovation through utilizing technology to improve design and construction.

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