Armin Emami

Director of Consulting Services  – Middle East



Armin is currently the Director of Consulting Services for our Middle East Division.  It’s his long-time passion for superlative architecture, design, management, budget and technology, and his wealth of experience in the Middle East, that has made it possible for him to take the lead role in expanding Microdesk’s network into the International arena, specifically the Middle East.

Prior to his role as Director of Consulting, Armin was a part of Microdesk’s Architectural Solutions Specialist team. His responsibilities included overseeing the BIM management and coordination process, providing technical support, and managing the model exchange for various Microdesk clients.

Before joining Microdesk, Armin served as Vice President of the Middle East Division for both HFS Concepts 4 Interior Design and Align Hospitality Furnishings. He also had the opportunity to work under award-winning architect, Renzo Piano while living in Europe.

Armin holds a Master of Architectural and Urban Design from Shiraz University.