Shivani Soni

Strategy and Innovation Lead

As a Strategic EmTech consultant, Shivani is involved in creating and executing multiple analysis projects, allowing Microdesk to make strategic decision with regards to products, concepts and processes. Shivani’s mission is helping Microdesk, clients and other professionals discover, collaborate and co-create smarter ways to design, build and operate. While being with Microdesk, Shivani has supported companies with BIM implementation in line with the UK Government’s BIM mandate, perform in-depth assessments to investigate, uncover and understand client’s business issues as well as suggest various solutions to solve design workflow inefficiencies. Shivani is also involved in numerous groups focusing on process innovation, using technology to improve design and construction efficiencies.

Shivani has worked on multiple multi-million-pound schemes. Having had the opportunity to work within both the commercial and residential sector, including on some of the main iconic architectural buildings within the UK such as the Mini Shard – The News Building, Leadenhall building, Google, 5 Broadgate, Nova Victoria Penhouses and many more. Her portfolio also includes working on UK and International Healthcare projects such as National Center for Cancer Care & Research (NCCCR), and the Defence and National Rehabilitation Centre (DNRC).

Shivani has a Bachelor of Arts in Interior & Spatial Design from the University of the Arts, London (The London Institute).