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How to Use an Autodesk License While Away from the Office

The Autodesk products you have purchased each fall into one of three categories, Named User Licenses (formerly known as Standalone),  Network/Multi-User Licenses, and Home Use Licenses.  Below is information on your options for each type of license.

Single-User / Standalone Licenses

Nothing special has to be done. The license will work no matter where you are.   Single user licenses do need to connect to Autodesk cloud servers once every 30 days or they will stop working.   The employee’s workstation will work from anywhere, if carried home (i.e. CAD capable laptop).  If your workstation is not a laptop, technically, you can allow your employee use your serial number or account information to activate software on home computers.  Only one instance of the software can be active at any given time, either at work or at home.

Multi-User / Network Licenses

  • Use a live multiuser license over an existing VPN connection:

    1. IT first needs to configure a VPN connection on your computer that allows you to connect to your company’s internal network.
    2. The FLEXLM_TIMEOUT variable needs to be configured.
    3. Make sure VPN is connected, then start your Autodesk product.
  • BORROW a network license for up to 6 months at a time:

    1. Be logged in as the user who will be using the license
    2. If using a docking station at work but not at home, UNDOCK first. (IT: The borrowed license is tied to the active NIC card, so it must be physically available to use the license, even if not actively connected to a network)
    3. Be connected to your company’s internal network
    4. Start the Autodesk product
      • For Revit, click the dropdown with your login at the top right-hand side of the Revit Window, and select MANAGE LICENSE. Then select the BORROW button.
      • For AutoCAD, type BORROW LICENSE.

    Do not select an end date any further out than you need since this does take a license away from the multi-user license pool.

    For more information see this Autodesk knowledge article.

Home License

Obtain a HOME USE license. (which is just an expiring standalone license)

  1. Have your Autodesk Contract Manger request a home use license from here
  2. Use this solution to change the license type from multiuser/network to use a SERIAL NUMBER.
  3. The next time you start the Autodesk product, pick SERIAL NUMBER and enter the number given. Note the expire date.

For more information, visit Autodesk’s pages for Autodesk subscription home use or how to request a home use license. 

Learn more about best practices for using Autodesk software when working remotely with this article.

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