Ensure Construction and Operational Data Delivery

A Digital Twin is an as-built BIM model of a facility that incorporates ongoing operational data. It includes the geometry at the time of construction or renovation and current equipment condition as well as operational data from near or real-time monitoring.

Microdesk specializes in Enterprise Asset Management and Digital Twin services. Our team of experienced consultants employs a range of AM and FM software platforms to provide your firm with a high-quality model that can save you time, money and resources in future maintenance. We have implemented a six-step process to building a robust Digital Twin foundation.

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The Digital Twin Production Process

Benefits of Digital Twins

The creation of a Digital Twin offers a variety of advantages both during construction and throughout the facility’s lifecycle. Designers, engineers and contractors can leverage a Digital Twin to streamline renovations while owners will find it to be a necessity for maintaining equipment condition and asset availability.

Microdesk utilizes several industry-leading platforms like those available through IBM as well as our own custom-built applications, such as the Asset Registry and Information Database (ARID) and ModelStream, to allow our clients to enjoy strong ROI from their Digital Twin.

  • Lightweight model for mobile device cloud viewing.

  • Artificial intelligence-powered Asset and Facility Management.

  • Real-time IoT sensor data readings.

  • Readily-available asset management records.

  • Warranties and maintenance manuals stored in a single location.

  • Gain insight into analytics and reporting business intelligence.

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