Welcome to the World of Naviate: Accelerate your BIM ProjectsEnhance your BIM workflowSave valuable timeOptimize working methods

BIMrx has now transitioned into the Naviate product line, same great products but now we can offer your firm a wider range of products for your industry. Naviate is a powerful set of tools built to streamline your entire BIM project lifestyle, accelerate project documentation and enhance and optimize your working methods. Naviate products are custom-tailored to fit your project needs, with continuous development together with our customers.

Discover the benefits of making large-scale changes at every stage of a project.
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Naviate Cloud Manager Features
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Naviate for Revit consists of 9 products that provides endless possibilities across multiple industries. Fully integrated with Autodesk Revit, to enhance the collaboration process offered by BIM to provide efficiencies and help streamline internal and external workflows.

  • Core Accelerate
  • Architecture
  • Structure
  • MEP
  • Site & Landscape
  • Fabrication
  • Rebar
  • Landuse
  • Daylight

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Naviate Cloud consists of 4 product lines that will save you time and money throughout your BIM project. Easy to use and plug-ins directly to your projects for a collaborated effort.

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Programmed features to help you generate results quicker, save time in model creation and interact with other disciplines.


Database of components and products based on manufacturers’ sources to use directly in your models. You can also add objects yourself. 


Templates and databases to optimize your platform. The templates and databases can also be configured to your needs and requirements. 


To ensure optimized flow of information, you can exchange information between platforms and formats both into and out from the platform. 


Included methods make workflow, methodology, best practice and experience into a lean cycle of continuous improvement. 


Watch videos, read tips and tricks, download the latest releases and interact with other Naviate users.

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