Coffee Break with
Panzura and Microdesk

How Your File System Can Save You Money & Time

April 13 2021

1:00PM GMT / 9:00AM ET 

Losing files – or losing access to them – can suck up a huge amount of everyone’s time. Between accidental deletion, renaming or file corruption, IT teams are kept busy finding data and restoring it, while users wait.

Traditionally, data resiliency comes from making multiple different copies of your data. Backups, tape backups stored offsite and in different locations, disaster recovery data… this gets costly, and it makes recovery slow.

With Panzura, your data is so resilient you no longer need to do backups, or store data offsite. Immutable data means your files are going nowhere, and read-only snapshots at intervals you specify give you one-click file restoration to a point in time. Panzura gives you uncomplicated management of exceptionally durable data, so you get time to enjoy your coffee, rather than using it to keep you awake through yet another data restore.

Panzura’s technology provides a single site solution for active archive with online access to data, which also replaces separate backup, DR and archive needs. With Panzura’s technology, you can finally have that coffee break you deserve, and save thousands of IT hours per year.

Join us to find out how you make your data tougher, and easier to manage, as well as reducing your overall storage footprint by up to 70%. You’ll save countless IT hours, and your CFO will love you for it!

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Learn more about the Panzura global cloud file system and their partner consultancy Microdesk with a series of 20-minute coffee break sessions. These condensed installments are highly focused on the features most important to AECO professionals such as multi-site collaboration and quality cybersecurity. The first 30 registrants will receive a surprise gift sent to their home to enjoy during the webinars.

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