Panzura Freedom NAS

From Complex and Costly to Simple and Cost Effective

What are you doing with your data?

Enterprise data doubles every 2 years and 80% of that data is unstructured. Legacy NAS can’t keep up with the growth which results in increased costs, slower speeds and more.

Panzura Freedom NAS replaces expensive and complex legacy NAS systems with a simple and cost-effective way to store all your unstructured data from your favorite Autodesk software. Freedom NAS, an intelligent cloud storage solution, consolidates storage, replaces legacy NAS, and enables global collaboration without any limits. With Freedom NAS, enterprises gain the economics, scalability, and durability of the cloud while achieving data center performance.

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Compare Legacy NAS and Panzura Freedom NAS

Legacy NAS

  • High CAPX and OPEX

  • Creates islands of storage

  • Efficiently shares data locally

  • Creates multiple, redundant copies of data

  • Low to medium data resiliency

  • Low to medium data availability

  • Limited scalability

Freedom NAS

  • Reduces costs by up to 70%

  • Consolidates storage

  • Efficiently shares data locally and globally

  • Creates one copy of data in the cloud

  • High data resiliency

  • High data availability

  • Cloud scalability

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