Project Description

Improving Airfield Asset Management


DMJM Harris (now AECOM), an architecture and engineering company, specializes in transportation and infrastructure design and engineering. When presented with a challenge to develop a means for accurately mapping and monitoring perimeters surrounding airfields in the New York metropolitan area, AECOM commissioned Microdesk to design a mobile solution that combined GPS, CAD and GIS to accurately collect the locations and characteristics of physical assets/objects in the field.

To expedite the field-based data collection process, the Microdesk application development team created an extension to Autodesk’s AutoCAD Map 3D to allow field personnel to collect features and assign attributes using any compatible GPS device in conjunction with a ruggedized tablet PC. Field crews could then import their data into an enterprise GIS database upon returning to the office.

Once in the enterprise database, Autodesk’s AutoCAD Map 3D was used to analyze the field data and create color-coded CAD maps of the features, as well as reports containing feature descriptions and additional data. This solution is currently in use at several major airports in the New York metropolitan area, including Newark Liberty International, JFK International, and LaGuardia International.