Project Description

Preparing for future success with early BIM adoption

Founded in 1969, Architectural Resources Cambridge (ARC) is a nationally recognized architectural, planning and interior design firm that specializes in college and university to corporate and institutional facilities. Five years ago, ARC’s technology department and firm partners made the determination that in order to remain competitive the organization would have to make the move to become a 100% Autodesk Revit Architecture house. This decision was made based on the growing requirements by owners to have projects completed using BIM and the fact that many of the consultants with whom they regularly collaborate on projects were also making the move. The firm wanted to position itself as highly technology-oriented and up-to-speed on the latest technology trends.

Microdesk was called upon to provide a complete technology support solution that would include CAD management, BIM management, product support, and training. At the start of the program, the Microdesk team was responsible for creating a training program to teach project teams how to use Revit Architecture. Upon completion, Microdesk continuing in an ongoing support role, providing a dedicated technical specialist to visit the firm on a biweekly basis to conduct software presentations and provide troubleshooting, support, and ad-hoc training sessions to personnel as needed.

Additionally, Microdesk worked with ARC to create custom content and project-specific Revit families. As a result of the entire program, ARC is now completely up-to-date with Building Information Modeling and has an established process in place for providing ongoing education to ensure the staff is always up to speed with the latest technologies and design techniques.