Project Description

Electrifying Results by Making the Transition to BIM

Con Edison

Con Edison is one of the largest electric utilities in the country, responsible for supplying electricity and gas services to millions of customers throughout the greater New York City area. Microdesk has been engaged with Con Edison for several years. Over this time, we have provided a range of implementation support, standards development, and training for the Engineering Department.

In the initial phase of this engagement, Microdesk provided training to all Con Edison Engineers on AutoCAD to develop a base level of knowledge throughout the organization. Once the organization achieved the necessary level of skill, we were contracted to move the organization from 2D to 3D through the implementation of Autodesk Building Systems, now AutoCAD MEP. This process included the migration of more than 80 engineers from AutoCAD to the new software. The process included the development of a new vertical CAD Standard that built upon their existing AutoCAD-based standards and improved upon it to support the unique features and capabilities of Autodesk Building Systems.

In addition to the development of the CAD Standard, Microdesk aided in its implementation by provide a custom training program for all Engineering staff. This multi-phase training program first developed base-level skills on the new tools, and then provided additional levels of education focused on discipline-specific features. An advanced training program was also provided to a select set of 30 engineers.

Recently, Con Edison has outgrown the abilities of AutoCAD MEP and has begun the adoption of the full suite of Revit products. Adopting a mature BIM technology will allow the engineering department to maximize design capabilities, leverage preconstruction interference checking, improve visualization and pursue a sustainable design strategy.