Project Description

A BIM to Asset Management Solution

Denver Airport

The Challenge

The Denver International Airport is the largest US airport in land size and the 18th busiest airport in the world. In recent years the airport has expanded forcing their construction and BIM teams to search for different tools that would allow their staff to be more aligned with current BIM models and the information needed for future construction projects. With a mature BIM practice already in place, the airport was looking for a more efficient way to transfer data to and from BIM to asset management. The airport’s team already had a strong commitment to using IBM Maximo but sought a tool that would enable and maximize the connection between Maximo and BIM.


Microdesk provided the Denver International Airport the solution they were looking for through their BIM to asset management tool called ModelStream. By implementing ModelStream, the airport was able to solve many of their challenges as it provided a bi-directional solution that would synchronize information between Revit and Maximo, allowing their staff to easily access all project data in a very efficient manner. Microdesk provided on-site training and tech support as the tool became integrated into the company’s BIM and construction processes.


Microdesk’s ModelStream product was able to alleviate the challenges the airport was facing in creating a new process to collect and manage data that was quick, efficient and accurate. Rather than having to go through multiple data sources and enter data manually, the airport’s team could now access all space, asset, and maintenance information from a single comprehensive enterprise asset management system. This has helped the airport become more efficient in how they plan for the maintenance and expansion of the airport’s facilities. Since implementing ModelStream, all of the airport’s asset management stakeholders are beginning to utilize the tool with their teams and on new projects.