Project Description

Designing Efficiency for a New England Architecture Firm

THE CHALLENGE: Durkee, Brown, Viveiros & Werenfesl (DBVW) is an award-winning full-service architecture firm based in Providence, RI that does commercial, institutional, and residential design. DBVW found themselves in the challenging position of having to design a large number of projects that needed to be completed in a very short period of time. They sought out Microdesk to provide staff augmentation and consulting support in order to revamp their processes and workflows in order to ensure efficiency and meet their tight deadlines. The client was also having challenges understanding better usage of the latest design software tools, such as Revit. Microdesk was brought in to train their staff on these technologies and best practices.

SOLUTION: The first step for Microdesk was to analyze DBVW’s current processes and identify any inconsistencies in their workflows. This initial assessment helped to identify the underlying reasons as to why project work was being conducted in a particular way and enabled Microdesk to tailor a plan to help DBVW’s staff understand the inefficiencies in their current workflows and ways in which they could improve. A training program based on project production requirements was then developed and implemented, teaching staff how to build better templates, apply new software techniques, and revamp project-based workflows.

DBVW also engaged Microdesk to improve existing models that were built from laser scans produced by other organizations that were poor in quality and required major updates. By identifying major issues in previous models, Microdesk was able to go back and convert the laser scanned models to Revit, cleaning up any inconsistencies and turning them into models suitable for construction.

RESULTS:  The work with DBVW yielded excellent results. The numerous projects the firm was working on were completed on time and more efficiently thanks to the implementation of the standards and processes developed by Microdesk. DBVW staff also began to adopt these new processes as a standard, which has led them to become more independent in incorporating best practices into new projects. Due to DBVW’s satisfaction with Microdesk’s work, the firm has extended its engagement with Microdesk for additional projects.