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Supporting a Transformation-Minded Firm on Digital Implementation

Franklin Ellis Architects is an architectural firm specializing in interior design for the commercial and hospitality industries. Located in the East Midlands area, Franklin Ellis has expanded to work with clients from all over the United Kingdom on a range of services including visualisation and master planning. The well-established team of designers and coordinators is often charged with balancing various building elements to craft a scheme that best realizes their client’s vision. Never satisfied with “business as usual,” Franklin Ellis has been identifying opportunities to evolve their capabilities along a path that allows them to improve the built environment.

Despite onboarding Revit and BIM methodologies in 2013, and implementing them office-wide in 2015, Franklin Ellis sought to cement their qualifications as an ISO 19650 BIM Certified company. Pursuing ISO 9001 for quality management and ISO 14001 for environmental management, this set of accolades will recognize the long-term dedication toward client satisfaction in a digitally connected and sustainable world. The certification will also help distinguish Franklin Ellis as a firm of choice for owners seeking an innovative partner for projects of all sizes and disciplines.

Microdesk engaged with Franklin Ellis to assist with preparations for the BIM certification as well as project support on a large masterplan project. Beginning with a gap analysis and skills assessment, Microdesk worked closely with Franklin Ellis to develop BIM project standards that would offer clients the latest in BIM workflows and meet the ISO Certification requirements.

A 14-week training programme was conducted to reinforce and consolidate the knowledge base for popular Autodesk products like Navisworks, Revit and BIM 360. Microdesk consultants led small-group remote training sessions focused on knowledge sharing and getting the most out of integrated software. Upon completion of the course, Franklin Ellis determined the adoption of BIM 360 as a common data environment platform was the most appropriate tool and procured a license through Microdesk.

In addition to ISO Certification support and team training, Franklin Ellis also requested staff augmentation on a masterplan project where they were the lead consultant. Microdesk provided an industry expert consultant to assist with management of large scale data and the interoperability between design, civil and rendering software platforms.

Finally, Franklin Ellis onboarded BIMrx Cloud Manager to streamline administrative tasks within the BIM 360 environment. This native application will help translate locally-stored data and legacy projects to the BIM 360 cloud platform. Further, BIMrx Cloud Manager simplifies the process of pre-populating new projects with the correct folder structures, templates and users.

The partnership between Franklin Ellis and Microdesk will continue as the firm pursues their certifications and further integrates BIM 360 into their BIM project lifecycle. Looking ahead, Franklin Ellis plans to move all physical machines to the cloud in the form of a virtual desktop infrastructure. This transition will allow the firm’s employees to maximise the benefits of a hybrid workplace, connecting and collaborating in their offices and across the internet, promoting better balance between professional and personal life. Removing regional restrictions will also expand hiring opportunities so Franklin Ellis can seek out the best talent in the industry to strengthen their knowledgeable and dedicated team.

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