Project Description

Developing MEP Coordination for New England Magnet School

THE CHALLENGE: Fusco Construction is a leading construction management services company that works primarily on commercial projects. When they were contracted to construct the Engineering & Science University Magnet School in New Haven, CT, they sought consultation from Microdesk on how to make the coordination process more efficient in order to save money and create a better project delivery workflow.

SOLUTION: Microdesk was brought in to manage the MEP coordination process using BIM-based tools and workflows. This included managing the models, technology, and driving the coordination process by hosting coordination meetings for tracking clashes and resolutions.

The first initiative that Microdesk set forth was to develop a construction coordination process and align all parties to the new process. A BIM execution plan was created for the project that laid out roles and responsibilities for all parties involved. A BIM kickoff meeting was held that broke the project down into further detail and provided an overview of the rollout for the coordination process. Microdesk also chaired weekly coordination meetings to identify clashes and work towards resolutions. This led to Microdesk acting as the gatekeeper for the process in setting up, updating, and managing models for subcontractors using Navisworks and A360. Reports for clash detections and tracking the responsibilities and resolutions were then built for Fusco. Once the construction coordination process was complete, a fully coordinated construction model that was usable for construction was created.

RESULTS: Fusco Construction was extremely satisfied with Microdesk’s mastery in the construction process and took notice of how much more efficient and streamlined the process became. Because of the model’s accuracy, the approval process was quick and Fusco was able to able to successfully apply and integrate this process into future projects.