Project Description

Maximizing technology functionality for better design results

Fuss & O’Neill is a full-service engineering consulting firm with 10 offices and 330 employees throughout the East Coast. Microdesk has been engaged with the firm for over 10 years, providing employee training on their Autodesk design software, technical support, and technology recommendations.

Microdesk’s engagement with Fuss & O’Neill in recent years has focused primarily on elevating their design team’s knowledge and applications of their software in order to be more productive and efficient with the tools they use. Microdesk conducted a company-wide technology assessment to review how each designer uses the software. Armed with this information, Microdesk created a custom technology training program that both recognized their prevailing unique approaches while creating a standard for consistency. For example, the assessment revealed that the transportation group was using only approximately 30% of the functionality of their civil design software. Following the training, users could fully understand 100% of the program and thus create and modify their designs much more efficiently.

Microdesk also recently assisted with migrating the Fuss & OïNeill design teams to the latest version of Autodesk Civil 3D. This required a full revamp of all drafting and design standards as well as a comprehensive transition training program. Microdesk’s previous assessments and deep understanding of the organization allowed us to create a training program to get the designers up to speed quickly and efficiently and with no production interruptions.