Project Description

Developing an MEP Coordination Strategy to Streamline Construction

THE CHALLENGE:  Giordano Construction specializes in institutional, commercial, and residential construction throughout Connecticut. The company was contracted to work on a project that required 3D modeling and coordination for BIM. Giordano engaged Microdesk to develop the 3D model and ensure the team could meet the necessary requirements and ensure construction began on time.

SOLUTION: Microdesk established a streamlined workflow and took over the management of the BIM coordination process to ensure all parties were fully aligned in order to create better efficiency. Microdesk also acted as a gatekeeper for the coordination process between the contractors and subcontractors, alleviating Giordano from having to manage that process. Duties taken on by Microdesk included establishing a BIM workflow, creating a BIM execution plan, being the gatekeeper for the fabrication and coordination models, hosting BIM coordination meetings, and tracking responsibilities and resolutions through clash reports. A model was then created and used for coordination in Navisworks.

RESULTS: With Microdesk managing model development and the project coordination process, all the necessary BIM requirements were able to be met. Additionally, all project coordination was performed in a fully virtual and collaborative environment, resulting in a completely clash-free model being delivered upon completion. This enabled Giordano Construction to attain quicker approvals and for construction to be able to begin on time.