Project Description

No more swimming upstream with an automated pool design application.

Latham International

Latham International, the largest manufacturer of swimming pool components and pool accessories in North America, employs a design group of 40 and a manufacturing group of 100 people across four locations. A seasonal business, Latham depended heavily on its highly skilled team to efficiently complete custom designs during peak season. Because the company’s core design software could perform only 40% of the work, Latham struggled to improve customer service commitment times, reduce overtime costs and enforce design standards. To address these issues, Latham contracted Microdesk to automate its design process and redevelop the core design software using all new technology.

The solution was to leverage Microdesk’s deep experience with both design workflow processes and Latham’s underlying Autodesk technologies. Microdesk upgraded Latham’s automation system to the AutoCAD platform and developed a custom application to streamline the design process and take advantage of the latest Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and Microsoft .NET technology. The result was a 50% increase in productivity, the elimination of overtime hours and a substantial improvement in design workflows thanks to the custom application and standards put in place.