Project Description

Designing Efficiency for a Lighting Technology Company

THE CHALLENGE: LSI Industries is a customer-centric company committed to advancing solid-state LED technology by creating value added lighting for their customers. They are a U.S based manufacturer with a focus on commercial and industrial lighting solutions. The company began working with Autodesk and Microdesk to develop a comprehensive SEEK catalog for their extensive line of products. LSI had specific goals and needs that they were trying to reach in the execution of building families that lighting engineers could use. At the start of the project, LSI was facing communication and project management challenges, especially when it came to making changes, which led to prolonged turnaround times. This became a concern when trying to keep up with competitors, due to the fact that rapid changes in technology are commonplace in the lighting industry. With plans to launch 118 models, LSI was looking for better ways to reach potential clients, become more efficient, and find a better process for making product changes.

SOLUTION: From the beginning, miscommunication between all parties was an issue that was causing major delays in how this project was handled and executed. After an assessment period, Microdesk learned what some of the key issues were with the current process, and began to implement new procedures that opened up channels of communication and helped all parties understand expectations and goals at earlier stages. Microdesk also learned that LSI had been working with third-party ElumTools, which created an integrated lighting add-in designed to calculate point-by-point illuminance, which has become common practice in the industry. After bringing ElumTools into the project, Microdesk was able to streamline the creation, tracking, review and publishing process to keep the project in constant motion. This led to the models being created to the highest quality with testing being done by all three teams; Microdesk, LSI/ElumTools, and Autodesk.

“Through this experience of working with LSI and ElumTools, we have learned much more about lighting design and the creation of lighting fixtures inside of Revit. We can now take this knowledge and carry it through to other lighting projects in the future.” – Jackie Doak, Senior Content Designer, Microdesk

RESULTS: LSI Industries immediately began to see progress and significant improvements in turnaround times. Microdesk’s new process also lead to LSI being very satisfied by the level of testing that was done before they received the data, which has reduced project discrepancies and resolved design issues in a more efficient manner. Through this success, LSI has expressed that they plan on continuing to work with Microdesk for future projects.