Project Description

Cohesive Construction Coordination with BIM 360

THE CHALLENGE: New Line Structures (NLS) is a construction management company based in New York City whose specialty is in utilizing the latest construction software and strategies for major building projects. NLS chose to adopt BIM 360 in the fall of 2015. In order to carry out this transition, NLS was faced with the challenges of determining best practices for using the software, training various categories of users, and finding a vendor that could help them build a long-term plan to ensure BIM 360 became a part of the company’s process.

SOLUTION: Microdesk was brought on to secure an unlimited number of seats of BIM 360 for NLS employees and to ensure a smooth transition that would implement the tool as part of the company’s new process. A plan was designed by Microdesk that would guide NLS on the best practices and procedures for BIM 360 that could be utilized throughout the company’s growth and the increasing number of projects. The plan built by Microdesk also would ensure that participation was facilitated by project stakeholders such as owners, subcontractors, and inspectors.

RESULTS: After the new BIM 360 processes were integrated through Microdesk’s plan, the company began to see improvement in efficiency on how projects were being executed. Faster notification of corrected items and closing out of issues were some of the first accomplishments seen. Microdesk also built a better streamlined communications system with owners, engineers, and inspectors. Pre-Filtered reports became an integrated part of the process making it easy to configure and automatically generate reports, emails, and more detailed KPIs.  As a result of Microdesk’s training, the company was able to successfully configure new fields within the existing equipment module for subcontractor pre-qualification purposes, which involved an elaborate collaboration effort amongst various company departments.