Project Description

Streamlining System Management a Custom GIS Solution

New York City Department of Environmental Protection

The New York City Department of Environmental Protection (NYC DEP), the city agency responsible for managing municipal sewer utilities, was finding it increasingly difficult to effectively and efficiently access system information located in a variety of formats and locations, particularly when needing to perform routine system analysis for maintenance. They were also concerned that without a central repository for their records, over time they would have lose valuable information or not have ready access in case of an emergency.

The agency had recently completed the process of converting all of their paper and electronic records into a comprehensive GIS database. Microdesk was engaged to independently verify the new GIS and develop tools to enable easy viewing, analysis, and maintenance of the GIS database going forward.

Microdesk performed a thorough review of sanitary and storm sewer quality data by conducting random sampling, automated checks, connectivity and flow analysis to assure the GIS matched the existing records as closely possible. Throughout this process, reports were generated to identify errors within the data and system in general, and corrections were made wherever possible.

Microdesk then developed a series of custom viewing applications. These ArcGIS Desktop applications allow users to perform analysis of the system and regular data maintenance. ArcGIS Desktop and web-based ArcGIS Server applications also enable users to link source documents to GIS features. A workflow is also being developed to make use of these custom tools in conjunction with ESRI out-of-the-box toolsets to enable the agency to maintain the new GIS.

Today, the new system provides staff ready access for systematic tasks and to make updates based on institutional knowledge that may otherwise have been lost as the senior workforce retires. The result is a sustainable means for managing and updating their data.