Project Description

Building CHoP through Partnership


THE CHALLENGE: Perryman Construction is a commercial and general construction management services company based in the Philadelphia area. Perryman was contracted to construct and deliver a comprehensive BIM model of the South Project building for The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHoP), an approximately 96,000 square foot facility with a 16-month project delivery schedule. While Perryman had some prior experience with BIM, they required expert BIM consultation for a project of this scale and scope.

SOLUTION: Microdesk partnered with Perryman to develop a plan that would include model integration, 4D development, and bi-weekly coordination meetings to help the client reach their goals. The first initial step of the project was to conduct a complete review of all the construction documentation and available electronic source files. This process included collecting information from each contractor and subcontractor on the technology and processes being used to prepare drawings. After collecting and reconciling BIM files that were inaccurate or substandard, the modeling work was able to begin. Aside from the model creation, Microdesk created a training plan for the Perryman staff on best practices and techniques for achieving better efficiencies in the BIM process, which included training classes on Revit MEP and Navisworks.

RESULTS: Microdesk was able to successfully create the as-built models that Perryman needed while at the same time successfully building a workflow for better efficiency that became the standard for the company. Perryman staff also became more independent and skilled in the BIM process, ensuring the same streamlined process was being used for all current and future projects.