Project Description

Building Smarter with Clash Dection and Construction Sequencing


Sciame is a leading construction management firm in the New York tri-state area focused on projects that are highly designed and technically sophisticated, including Educational Facilities, Hospitality, Retail Facilities, and Historic Restorations. The organization recognized an immediate need to expand their BIM and Virtual Design & Construction capabilities to perform clash detection and construction sequencing. In parallel, they needed to build internal capabilities to support future BIM projects.

Microdesk helped Sciame to devise and execute an accelerated implementation strategy that would enable them to meet their immediate needs. This included a training program specific to performing 4D & 5D analysis on existing BIM projects. Microdesk then provided training on how to convert their existing CAD projects to BIM.

Microdesk continues to provide project assistance and mentoring to facilitate the organization’s complete transition to BIM.