Project Description

Partnering to Meet the Demands of Urbanization

Scott Brownrigg is an award-winning international design practice from the United Kingdom that focuses on providing architecture, master planning, urban design, interior design and town planning services for their clients. They believe that as architects, planners and designers there is a social and environmental responsibility to provide positive solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s built environment.

Much like Scott Brownrigg, social and environmental responsibility is at the forefront of Microdesk’s mission. While facing challenges associated with steady population growth, Scott Brownrigg worked with Microdesk on ways to meet those demands while not having to sacrifice their client’s end product. Microdesk worked with the team to understand how to utilize BIM technology to solve as many problems during the planning stages of a project, all within a digital setting.

Scott Brownrigg engaged Microdesk to become their trusted BIM Consultant to teams spanning the globe. Microdesk focused their efforts on developing a complete BIM implementation strategy and improving the professional development of their teams. They saw a need to make an investment in Microdesk to ensure they were able to continuously provide for their clients. With Microdesk’s expertise and knowledge, Scott Brownrigg was able to use technology to innovate their project delivery and become more efficient overall.

This strategic partnership has led to greater innovation which has provided their clients better, quicker and more efficient delivery of their projects. Their commitment to innovating project delivery has allowed them to grow tremendously and rank as the 10th largest architectural practice in the UK, according to AJ100.