Project Description

Civil 3D Mentoring for a Major Engineering Firm

Sikand Engineering

THE CHALLENGE: Sikand Engineering is a civil engineering firm that offers services ranging from infrastructure master planning to project construction management. Sikand Engineering had been facing challenges due to Civil 3D becoming a common project delivery requirement for their clients, an area the firm lacked expertise in. Sikand engaged Microdesk to help develop a holistic implementation plan for Civil 3D that would allow the organization to quickly begin to utilize it as a construction, documentation, and analysis tool.

SOLUTION:  Sikand partnered with Microdesk to gain expertise in the requirements and best practices for Civil 3D implementation. In order to help Sikand meet their goals, Microdesk provided an onsite Civil 3D specialist for 12 months to help the client with technology implementation and initial standards development. A training plan was also created by Microdesk, that provided customized training and project-based mentoring on a bi-weekly basis. The customized training was adjusted for each of the different groups in order to tackle specific discipline-specific topics, such as “Civil 3D for power users” and “Civil 3D for surveyors.” Microdesk also provided Sikand with other services, such as template development and deployment.

RESULTS:  After the engagement, Sikand Engineering reached a level of self-sufficiency leading them to becoming fully capable of handling their Civil 3D deliverables internally with little to no assistance. Sikand has since implemented Civil 3D within all the engineering and survey groups throughout the organization.