London, United Kingdom 20 June 2018 – Global AECO consulting firm Microdesk is pleased to announce that Sofia Kasapantoniou of Microdesk London recently earned her BIM Level 2 for Information Managers Certification.

Architecture Solutions Specialist Sofia Kasapantoniou achieved BIM (Building Information Modelling) Level 2 Certification for Information Managers (formerly BIM PIM TIM) last Wednesday. With this certification, Sofia reached proficiency in identifying key information management roles and understanding the importance of clear information requirements. Sofia is equipped with the correct level of knowledge required to plan and draft a BIM Execution Plan as well as which standards, methods and procedures are required to be included. She has an understanding of how information is created and exchanged within the common data environment using the standards, methods and procedures set out in the BIM Execution Plan.

She is now one of 12 consultants on the London based team with United Kingdom BIM credentials. “We are very proud of the growth she’s made and the added value she brings to our clients. It’s another step in differentiating ourselves as the premier AECO Consulting firm in the United Kingdom,” says Lukasz Adamik, Director of Consulting, UK.

Kasapantoniou holds a Bachelor Honors Degree in Architecture, a Master of Architecture and a Master of Science in Adaptive Architecture and Computation from the UCL – Bartlett School of Architecture.

Since opening its London office in August 2015, Microdesk has seen exceptional growth in the UK and tripled the size of its team. With yet another BIM certified member of the team, Microdesk is rapidly becoming one of the strongest AECO consulting firms in the United Kingdom. These successes signal a positive future for Microdesk in Europe, with the London office serving as a hub for future expansion.

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