Microdesk Releases BIMrx Core 2.7, Built to Elevate Revit Project, Data and Document Management

Nashua, NH – Global BIM and EAM consulting firm Microdesk, a leading provider of business and technology services for the design and construction industry, has released version 2.7 of the essential AEC solution, BIMrx Core. Built to streamline Autodesk Revit workflows, BIMrx Core improves project setup, data and model management, and documentation processes for all disciplines.

BIMrx Core 2.7 includes eight new features and enhancements. Project setup is improved with the Scope Box Manager which allows users to copy and manage scope boxes from linked models while the File Renamer enables users to rename any file that was created from a Revit sheet. The existing Sheet View Manager has been enhanced to include additional features that enable users to pre-define view sets and naming conventions via Microsoft Excel to automate the creation and management of views and sheets.

One of the primary values of BIMrx Core is the capacity to efficiently manage project data, and this latest release furthers that capability by augmenting the software’s connection with key Revit functions. A standout among these commands is the Renumbering feature, which allows for the advanced renumbering of any project element, including the ability to renumber based on rooms. The Advanced Parameter Manager builds on a previous version to include creating, modifying and managing shared parameters throughout a project. BIMrx Core 2.7 also introduces a Create Table feature for placing Excel tables directly into a Revit schedule, populating the schedule with the information and layout of the Excel worksheet.

New features of BIMrx Core 2.7 include options for model management such as Export NWC with advanced functions for exporting to Navisworks as well as an Elevation feature which gives users the ability to create interior elevations from rooms.

“BIMrx Core was built to help Revit users keep pace with accelerated demand by doing more with less and allowing projects to get out the door faster,” said Microdesk Director of Software Solutions, Kevin Phillips. “It significantly reduces the time and resources spent on project and data management, making you more efficient and competitive in the long term.”

The BIMrx product suite is custom-tailored for various AECO disciplines to automate the low-value processes associated with BIM project delivery. BIMrx MEP and BIMrx Fabrication have also been updated with a host of new and improved features.

To learn more about BIMrx Core or request a product demo, visit www.bimrx.com or contact Microdesk at 1 (800) 336-3375 or +44 (0) 800-029-4635.

About Microdesk:

Microdesk is a Global BIM and EAM consulting firm dedicated to assisting design, construction and operations teams with improving workflows and integrating BIM, VDC and EAM technologies. Using software from industry leaders such as Autodesk and IBM, combined with our vision and passion for sustainably meeting the demands of urbanization, our team of industry experts is redefining project delivery and asset management.

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