BIMrx 3.0 Brings a More Intuitive UI, More Powerful Modeling Features and Automation of Common Tasks through Integration with BIMrx Cloud Manager

Nashua, NH – Global BIM and EAM consulting firm Microdesk, a leading provider of business and technology services for the design and construction industry, has released version 3.0 of the BIMrx software suite for BIM project lifecycle automation. Enhancements to each product include intuitive UI updates, expanded export options and cloud integrations. Version 3.0 of BIMrx further streamlines the tasks associated with Revit project setup, modeling and project management, allowing AEC professionals to focus on high-impact initiatives like digital transformation and sustainability.

BIMrx for Revit is comprised of three purpose-built applications: BIMrx Core, BIMrx MEP and BIMrx Fabrication. BIMrx Core 3.0 continues to elevate Revit project, data, and document management with the addition of model and user analytics as well as Imprint, a feature that links or imports Microsoft Word, Excel and PDF files directly into Revit views and sheets. In addition, BIMrx Core 3.0 now includes Revision Manager which allows users to add and remove revisions from multiple sheets at the same time and automates the creation of print sets of those revised sheets. Further improvements to tagging, extracting, logging and the Sheet View Manager ensure BIMrx Core 3.0 users will save time and resources while executing BIM projects in Revit.

BIMrx MEP capabilities include customized commands that simplify mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design work. MEP engineers can leverage modeling efficiency enhancements that include automation of sloped piping, multiple selection routing, panel move circuits and over/under horizontal re-routing.

BIMrx Fabrication users will find a host of new features, specifically designed for industry professionals. From automating sleeves, dimensions, and spool definitions to more in-depth tagging information, this platform will streamline bill of materials creation for more accurate takeoffs. Existing commands have also been updated in terms of elbow fittings, hanger rods, bloom equipment and selection updates.

“The AEC industry is undergoing rapid acceleration due to urbanization, and firms need to reduce the time they spend on modeling and project management to stay competitive,” said Microdesk Director of Software Solutions, Kevin Phillips. “BIMrx 3.0 was uniquely crafted by our consultants to automate daily tasks, reducing Revit design time, streamlining the BIM lifecycle and allowing teams to focus on sustainability and digitalization.”

Autodesk BIM 360 project management is also simplified through enhancements to BIMrx Cloud Manager Pro. Coming in September, version 2.7 will include a license for BIMrx Core which will enable scheduled PDF printing and NWC exporting jobs from BIMrx Cloud Manager Pro. Additional improvements in BIMrx Cloud Manager Pro 2.7 include an official BIM 360 App integration, the ability to schedule jobs via Autodesk user account credentials and granular control of folders and files selected in upload/download jobs and license management.

To learn more about BIMrx or receive a product demo, contact Microdesk here or call 1 (800) 336-3375 or +44 (0) 800-029-4635.

About BIMrx

BIMrx is a purpose-built suite of applications designed to simplify the Building Information Modeling (BIM) project setup process, speed modeling in Autodesk Revit and add efficiencies in generating documentation. BIMrx was developed to assist design and construction firms with getting projects out the door faster so firms can be more globally competitive, meet the demands of urbanization and provide time back to project teams so they can focus on important initiatives like sustainability and digital transformation.

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Microdesk is a Global BIM and EAM consulting firm dedicated to assisting design, construction and operations teams with improving workflows and integrating BIM, VDC and EAM technologies. Using software from industry leaders such as Autodesk and IBM, combined with our vision and passion for sustainably meeting the demands of urbanization, our team of industry experts is redefining project delivery and asset management.

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