BuildingSuccess New York City

NYC Business Leaders meet to discuss BIM for Operations and Facility Management

New York, NY January 3rd, 2019 – Local architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing business leaders will be meeting on January 24th, for BuildingSuccess NYC. BuildingSuccess is an organization that brings together industry executives and business managers for an evening reception and open forum discussion.

The event provides a place to discuss the latest challenges affecting the industry, strategies to overcome them, share experiences and consider the future. The January program will cover a variety of topics concerning BIM for Operations and Facility Management. The panel will feature Ed Oldak, Executive Director of facilities and Operations from Columbia University and Bill Bausmith, Associate Director of Design and Construction from Princeton University.

Panelist from Princeton University

Bill Bausmith

Panelist from Columbia University

Ed Oldak

Both panelists bring deep experience and insight into the BIM for operations and facilities management topic. They will discuss how implementing BIM throughout the process and building lifecycle has benefited their organizations and where they see their institutions in the future.

BuildingSuccess NYC is invite only but if you are interested in attending please email as we are able to accommodate a small number of requested invitations.

BuildingSuccess was initiated in 2008 and has since grown into a regular quarterly gathering of industry leaders in cities through the Nation.

The 2018 program which took place in Boston, MA focused on how BIM has benefitted all aspects of the AECO industry, from the impact manufacturer have when they are involved in the BIM process and building lifecycle. Explore the discussion topics from the 2018 Building Success in our event recap, available here.

Interested in attending a BuildingSuccess event in your city? Check out our events page to stay up to date with upcoming events and discussions happening across the Nation.

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