CANstruction Series – Part III

5,869 cans, 6 hours, 7 team members… 1 CANstructure

On Sunday, November 18th seven Microdesk team members came together for the 20th Annual CANstruction event at the National Building Museum in Washington DC. There were 26 teams in total competing for a variety of awards ranging from “Most Cans Used”, “Crowd Favorite”, to “Most Creative”. The build-out kicked off right at noon and all structures needed to be completed by 6PM that evening.

If you’ve been following along the CANstruction event series then you are well aware of our theme, “Come on Beets, Do the Loco-Motion: Union Station to Beetsville”. If you haven’t checked out Part One and Two of the series, be sure to do so – we go in-depth on how the pre-build strategy the team took and more!

With only 6 hours to complete the structure that consisted of just under 6,000 cans the team immediately got to work. Tasks were delegated; from opening up pallets of cans, laying the initial layers of the structure to ensuring the labels were aligned, everyone was hard at work. Between each layer, the team laid a pre-cut piece of foam core board that acted as a stabilizer. The hours ticked by, quickly… By level 13, the structure had reached close to 5 feet in height. It was shortly after level 13 that the ladders we brought out to stack the final 10 or so levels.

The Microdesk structure quickly became the largest in height and width across the Museum’s competition floor. We reached the final layer and placed our last can right as the clock struck 6PM and were one of the last teams left finishing their structure.

Check out our 6-hours of building in just 22 seconds.

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To nobody’s surprise the Microdesk CANstructure received 1st place for “Most Cans Used”! We contributed 5,859 cans to the Capitol Area Food Bank and went home with not only doing a good deed this holiday season but with a 1st place ribbon and trophy. The cans from the 20th Annual CANstruction will contribute to over 60,000 meals for the DC area.

We can’t wait for next year’s event. Until next time…