Microdesk Launches CIO Advisory Services Team to provide AEC Industry with a Holistic Approach to IT

Brad Horst

VP of CIO Advisory Services

Microdesk, a global AECO consultancy, announced Bradley Horst as the VP of their new CIO Advisory Services team. In this new role, Bradley will be leading the team to assist the AEC industry with leveraging the latest trends in technology, providing strategic planning for IT as it relates to the industry and optimizing IT investments.

As a Registered Architect with over 10+ years of experience as a Chief Information Officer Bradley brings the knowledge and insight that will help drive more business value and provide a more holistic approach to IT within the AECO industry.

See Brad’s feature in the Boston Business Journal here.

Christopher DiMattei

Senior System Administrator

Microdesk, a global AECO consultancy, announced Christopher DiMattei as the Senior System Administrator on the CIO Advisory Services team. Christopher will be working directly with clients in the AECO industry to leverage technology to drive profitability and provide strategic planning to help optimize IT investments. Christopher will provide clients an on-site IT partner to help supplement IT related needs that might not be available in-house.

Christopher brings 25 years of experience as an architect and skilled technology manager to this new CIO Advisory team.

See Christopher’s feature in the Boston Business Journal here.

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