Microdesk and Invicara Partner in a Continued Effort to Help Clients Optimize Project Delivery

New York, NY August 8th, 2018 –
Global AECO consulting firm Microdesk has announced their recent partnership with Invicara, a data collection and verification platform for builders. This partnership permits Microdesk the ability to distribute Invicara products to their existing and prospective clients. Much like Microdesk, Invicara understands the value associated with having data up front in the building process. Their products work to analyze and verify that model data is complete and meets the owner’s requirements providing deeper, actionable insights, and fluid collaboration.

BIM Assure, a software from Invicara, helps to reduce the amount of data inefficiencies the AEC industry faces within BIM models. With Invicara’s BIM Assure software, owners have the capacity to create a master set of data at point of creation custom to their standards and requirements. The software allows users to organize data by discipline, distribute and request information from specific parties and seamlessly stream the data back to the model producing a much higher quality deliverable in less time.

Capturing data at the point of creation and having accurate BIM data can provide strong returns on the back end of a project by reducing the time spent on resolving issues. When BIM Assure is added into the data workflow of a project it can reduce these inefficiencies by ensuring compliance and standardization before moving data into IBM’s Maximo using ModelStream®. Microdesk is excited to add Invicara’s BIM Assure to the growing list of software they offer in a continued effort to help clients optimize their project delivery.


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