Microdesk Strengthens Sustainability Initiatives with Exclusive LightStanza Partnership

Nashua, NH – Global BIM and EAM digital delivery and management consulting firm, Microdesk, has announced an exclusive US-based partnership with lighting analysis and computing software developer, LightStanza. This partnership combines Microdesk’s expansive AECO industry knowledge with next generation lighting analysis solutions, furthering Microdesk’s mission to incorporate sustainability as the industry addresses the challenge of globalization and the demands of urbanization.

LightStanza extends Autodesk Revit capabilities with cloud-based lighting analysis to ensure cutting-edge building performance. It allows for the generation of comprehensive, Gold-Standard LEED Daylight and WELL scorecards to quickly and efficiently determine if a facility will meet green building standards. LightStanza also is a leading electric lighting analysis tool employing the trusted US Department of Energy Radiance Engine in-the-cloud. It facilitates the design of optimal lighting for occupants that are both functional as well as energy efficient.

In alignment with their AIA 2030 Commitment, Microdesk has been actively expanding their sustainability initiatives through partnerships and research efforts in their Co-Innovation Lab. With LightStanza, Microdesk can further predict the overall life-time cost of a building and the impact that it has on the environment. By combining sustainability tools like LightStanza in the design phase with digital twin technology in the operations and maintenance phase, Microdesk can achieve comprehensive, data-rich models.

”We created LightStanza so that designers can easily analyze and improve models for daylight LEED certification as well as easily create optimal      electrical lighting layouts that meet IES and other criteria” said Dan Glaser, Principal and Founder of LightStanza.  “We look forward to working with Microdesk to enable architects and other designers create buildings with high-quality natural and artificial light more efficiently.”

“Partnerships with developers like LightStanza allow our clients to more easily incorporate sustainability into their designs,” said Fred Twombly, Director of Customer Success & Vendor Relations at Microdesk. “We look forward to working with our clients to incorporate LightStanza’s powerful design and analysis capabilities into their workflow. We see this as an important step in our ability to meet the demands of urbanization in a sustainable way while reducing the strain on our urban centers.”

To learn more about Microdesk or receive a LightStanza demo, contact Microdesk here or call 1 (800) 336-3375 or +44 (0) 800-029-4635.

About Microdesk:

Microdesk is a Global BIM and EAM consulting firm dedicated to assisting design, construction and operations teams with improving workflows and integrating BIM, VDC and EAM technologies. Using software from industry leaders such as Autodesk and IBM, combined with our vision and passion for sustainably meeting the demands of urbanization, our team of industry experts is redefining project deliver and asset management.

About LightStanza:

LightStanza is collaborative, web-based lighting analysis software that allows teams to design outstanding illuminated spaces. The software includes both advanced electric lighting and daylighting calculations, suitable both for everyday practice as well as for producing validated documentation for LEED and WELL certification. LightStanza has a fast, modern workflow that is interoperable with BIM, CAD and other 3D formats. A multitude of companies ranging from architects, designers, engineers, sustainability consultants and manufacturers have chosen LightStanza due to its proven accuracy and usability.

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