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Optimizing Project Management with Autodesk Build

Work confidently and collaborate effectively with easy-to-use software purpose-built to connect project teams.

Successful project management requires many abilities. Maintaining sight of the project’s goals, ensuring a team knows what is expected of them and are on track, and being able to review and communicate effectively is very important.

Ecosystems like the Autodesk Construction Cloud give project managers the tools to easily share a project schedule and manage its progress, keep an eye on project deliverables, and communicate goals and updates to the team with trackable and actionable results.

Peter Marchese goes over how Autodesk Build can be leveraged for your project management needs to help with your bottom line and deliverables.

  • Learn what features of Autodesk Build can be leveraged for Project Management
  • Understand licensing requirements and the free access components of Build for projects
  • See how to track project progress and communicate project schedule with teams
  • Learn how the Cost module can help track project costs and budget
  • Learn how to simplify and streamline project startup

Meet the Speaker

Peter Marchese
Senior Technical Evangelist

Peter is a Senior Technical Evangelist at Microdesk, who specializes in assisting design organizations with integrating Building Information Modeling (BIM) into design processes and exploring innovative uses of non-traditional technologies. He works with national architecture firms to provide on-site assistance and strategic consultation, as well as custom training, content creation, and creating standards.

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