Facilities Management Lifecycle

Asset and Facilities Management Overview

Our approach can be summed up as “Beginning with the End in Mind”. Our holistic approach to Asset Management, also referred to as Facilities Management, looks at the inception of data creation and ensures good stewardship of the data throughout the Asset Lifecycle. Asset management (AM) can be a complex subject especially when considering the difference between AM and Facilities Management (FM). One factor that comes into play in helping separate the two, is the corporate and strategic objectives for the day-to-day management of work that requires completion.

Outside of the facilities/space management area, AM can be broken down into three distinct layers: strategic, data integration and work management. No matter how you define each one, these three areas are always intertwined with each other in some way.


The tool that ties BIM and Asset Management together

Lifecycle Management

We understand how BIM projects should be looked at as long term resources for use in Operations and Maintenance


Data is key to provide efficiencies across your operations

Maintenance Management Solutions

Let us drive the right selection of technology, process and training for operational efficiency

Our Solutions

Value Drivers

  • Facility Operations Organization

  • ISO 55000 Assessment

  • GAP Analysis Organization Capability Assessment

  • Asset Management Strategic Planning

  • Integration Services for Financial, Labor, BMS, IoT

  • Energy Usage & System Performance Metrics

  • Asset Inventory, Condition Assessment

  • Root Cause Failure Analysis

  • Artificial Intelligence Systems

  • Reliability Centered Maintenance Planning

  • Risk & Vulnerability Assessment & Management