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With IBM Maximo, you can gain near real time visibility into asset usage, better govern assets, extend the useful life of capital equipment, improve return on assets and defer new purchases—while unifying processes for wide-ranging enterprising asset management functions across multiple sites.

IBM enterprise asset management solutions:

  • Support enterprise asset management in key industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, life sciences, nuclear power, oil and gas, service providers, transportation and utilities.
  • Provide visibility and control over critical assets that affect compliance, risk and business performance.
  • Increase the useful life of physical assets with improved business processes for an increased return on assets and enhanced operational efficiency.

As an IBM Bronze Partner, Microdesk provides a variety of enterprise asset management solutions including IBM Maximo, Tririga, and Microdesk`s ModelStream, which completes the BIM lifecycle by integrating design and construction Building Information Models into Operations and Maintenance with IBM’s Maximo Enterprise Asset Management.


IBM Maximo Application SuiteHow It Works

The Maximo Application Suite allows users to sign on to a single, integrated platform to access key monitoring, maintenance, and reliability applications across the business. Not only does it help remove data silos, it enhances data sharing with integrated user experience and shared administrative controls for enterprise-scale execution.

Reduce downtime and costs by optimizing asset management and maintenance processes to improve operational performance. Leverage embedded industry expertise with best-practice data models and workflows to accelerate your industry transformation. Unify asset management processes using role-based workspaces to help teams across your enterprise. Maximo Manage unifies robust asset life cycle and maintenance management activities, providing insight into all enterprise assets, their conditions, and work processes to achieve better planning and control.

Improve asset and operational availability with advanced AI-powered remote asset monitoring at scale. Collect data from your existing OT systems, converge your IT systems and operational systems in a single data lake and detect anomalies.

Manage the health of your assets using IoT data from asset sensors, asset records and work history to increase asset availability and improve replacement planning. Get a true view of asset health via dashboard displays to provide evidence to base operational decisions.

Go beyond time-scheduled maintenance to condition-based action to predict the likelihood of future failures by applying machine learning and data analytics to reduce cost and asset failures. Build on the power of other Maximo capabilities and Watson Studio to make data-driven decisions and build predictive models.


Intelligent Asset Management


Schedule Work and Resources


Monitor and Detect Anomalies


360-Degree View of Assets


Predictive Failures


Technician Work Execution


Prescriptive Assistance


Actionable Insights for Safety

Visual Inspection

Visual Anomaly Detection

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