What is Modelstream™?

Microdesk’s ModelStream™ connects Autodesk Revit and the information-driven power of BIM with the enterprise asset management system, IBM® Maximo®. ModelStream™ synchronizes data between IBM Maximo and Autodesk Revit, enabling owners and facility managers to access all space, asset, and maintenance information from a single comprehensive enterprise asset management system.

Benefits of Modelstream

Save Time

ModelStream™ drastically reduces the level of effort required to load a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), accomplishing the configuration process in a matter of hours and asset synchronization in just minutes.

Increase Efficiency

ModelStream™ enables owners and facility management teams to directly access and modify critical information right within Autodesk Revit and IBM Maximo, significantly reducing the level of effort required to locate problems, update workflows, and edit data.

Make Informed Decisions

As updates occur over time, ModelStream™ ensures that all information contained in the BIM “model of record” is always kept in sync with the asset management data in Maximo, so when it is time to conduct design analysis or renovations owners can rely on a single source of truth for accurate, real-time information.