Panzura: Enterprise-Level Cloud Storage for AEC

Panzura optimizes enterprise data storage management and distribution in the cloud, making cloud storage simple and secure. Panzura’s revolutionary global cloud storage solution seamlessly combines the flexibility, performance, and productivity benefits of distributed storage with the manageability, security, and cost benefits of centralized storage, overcoming fundamental “administrator vs. user” and “budget vs. performance” conflicts. With Panzura, data location no longer affects usage.

What You Get With Panzura

  • A single, authoritative location for all company data.

  • Hybrid cloud storage for fast uptime and scalability.

  • Cloud syncing every 60 seconds to manage versioning.

  • Global file locking and real time updates that enhance collaboration.

  • Military-grade cybersecurity helps protect you from ransomware.

  • Easily backup and restore with excellent disaster recovery and business continuity.

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A True Cloud-VDI Partnership

Panzura brings files storage and data into the cloud while Microsoft Workspot Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI) replicates a standard workstation UI in a virtual environment. When combined, the user experience is replicated regardless of location, whether you are in a newly established office, at home or on the job site.

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