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The AECO industry is undergoing rapid revitalization and digitization. Many firms have more work than they can keep up with, which means finding opportunities to streamline project delivery is more important than ever.

With over 230 consultants and developers on staff, our team is the nation’s largest and most experienced group of AEC consulting professionals. These industry experts bring real-world experience that allows you to leverage innovative technologies such as Virtual Design and Construction (VDC), AI-enabled workflows and insights, digital twin creation and Cloud implementation.

Our BIM Project Lifecycle Services

Project Automation with BIMrx

BIMrx gets projects out the door faster with modeling, project management and documentation features for leading Autodesk software. Effectively manage multiple projects simultaneously and enable project data synchronization between intranet servers and the cloud with BIMrx.

Our Products

Project Delivery Optimization

We work closely with our clients to identify the ideal team size and structure for the specific project type, complexity and workload. Microdesk can supplement your project team with AECO industry specialized consultants to help with BIM/CAD and design collaboration.

Our Initiatives

Digital Transformation

From software training and project mentorship to virtualization opportunities, our consultants will prepare you for the future of AEC. Foundational services like cloud migration and collaboration are paired with the latest in digital twin and EAM technology for holistic digitization.

Our Services

BIM for Owners

Microdesk’s proven methodology has been leveraged by Owners across the globe to produce better outcomes and increased Return on Investment.

Our Process

CIO Advisory Services

With our managed IT services, our partners are well-positioned to inspire, predict and innovate for greater value by crafting new business capabilities through digital offerings.

Our Expertise

Technical Support

Our support team is ready and available 12 hours a day. That means you get answers to your technical questions from a live expert inside and outside of work hours.

Our Team

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A True AEC Industry Partner

With over 200 design and engineering consultants, doctorates, software developers, EAM experts and R&D specialists, Microdesk is uniquely suited to help AEC firms leverage BIM. From common data environments to turbo-charging Revit with BIMrx, Microdesk is a true industry partner with the knowledge your firm needs to succeed.

With an exceptional portfolio of software providers, along with our experienced team of AEC consultants, we’re ready to help on your next project.

A Range of Clients & Services 


Microdesk provided workflow automation, template creation and project mentoring and training to help take the grassroots methodology of DSK and scale it to meet their expanding client base and service offerings.

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KPF | SL Green

Collaborating with KPF’s Technology team, Microdesk established Building Information Modeling (BIM) best practices for cross-team collaboration, workflow processes and project management, as well as training for KPF professionals.

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Build Health International

AEC consultants from Microdesk worked with Autodesk application developers to upgrade current generative design capabilities within Revit and other primary software platforms in use at Build Health International.

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Binsky Mechanical

The partnership with Microdesk yielded a high-quality, comprehensive fabrication database that will be leveraged on all future projects, leading to Binsky being able to provide the best possible support for their clients.

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