5 Tips for the Modern VDC Manager

Today, the traditional VDC management role is adapting and expanding. That’s why it’s become vital to implement and manage a design technology support team in your organization and enhance the level of support provided to your users.

The job title “VDC Manager” (sometimes referred to as “BIM Manager”) has been present in the construction industry for at least a decade, but even today, VDC Managers with the same title can find themselves fulfilling wildly different roles. In fact, many organizations considering bringing on a VDC Manager don’t have a clear understanding of the role’s scope or the resources required to perform the job effectively.
The ambiguity surrounding this role in construction organizations can make life difficult for the modern VDC Manager. In this guide, we’ll explore a few key questions facing VDC Managers today, including:
  • How is the role of the VDC Manager adapting and expanding in today’s industry?
  • How can you enhance the level of product support across your organization?
  • How can you implement and manage a VDC support team?
  • What are the best ways to source supporting roles (like VDC Coordinators)?
  • How can you streamline daily tasks and gain more time for innovation?

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