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What’s New in BIMrx 3.1

Ensuring that BIMrx evolves to meet the needs of AEC industry professionals is a guiding principle behind the addition of new and improved features, with each release providing firms with opportunities to automate and streamline workflows associated with BIM project delivery.

Version 3.1 of the BIMrx for Revit product suite is primarily comprised of highly requested features and enhancements that ensure both new and current users can become more competitive as they speed through multiple stages of the BIM lifecycle.

Check out the features available in each product in the BIMrx application suite below.

BIMrx Core

  • Preview Table in Extract & Update
  • Export/Import from Excel with Revision Manager
  • Auto-Dimensioning Grids to add a dimension string along all grids in a view


  • Quickly connect a branch line to a main with a rolling offset via Roll Into Main
  • Utilize Sum Parameters to select a group of elements and sum a common parameter
  • Multi-select feature added to Route To & Kick 90
  • Rotate Fittings with a custom rotation option

BIMrx Fabrication 

  • Quickly start spooling and carry the setting between projects with Spool Templates
  • Enhanced Hanger Array options for trapeze/rack hangers
  • Hanger Points have an intelligent link to the hanger

BIMrx Cloud Manager 2.8

  • Export 3D and 2D Views and Sheets to AutoCAD .DWG from BIM 360 Revit Cloud Models on demand or on a schedule
  • Filter Sheets included in PDF Export Jobs by Revit Print Sets

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