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What’s New in BIMrx 3.2

BIMrx gets projects out the door faster with modeling, project management and documentation features for leading Autodesk software, making you more competitive globally while meeting the demands of urbanization. These purpose-built applications can help speed up data entry by using formulas and tools to update models with MEP, fabrication or project parameters from non-Revit users or sources while managing assets by merging model-based information with outside sources.

With BIMrx you can you can effectively streamline the tasks associated with BIM project setup, MEP modeling and detailing, and BIM cloud management. Find out what’s coming in the next release of BIMrx in the on-demand webinar below!

BIMrx Core 

  • Complete redesign  of Sheet View Manager to allow for users to easily create views/sheets.
  • Place Excel tables into drafting views as text and lines with Create Table.
  • New feature to Tag all Views with the configurations from the BIMrx Tag Settings.
  • Align – now includes the ability to align text notes.


  • Bloom Settings – Allows for Worksets to be specified
  • Conduit based parameter tracking for Elbow Commands
  • Conduit Data Transfer for maintaining data through a run

BIMrx Fabrication 

  • Hanger Updates for Rod Lengths, linked elements, and trapezing to system family support
  • Upgraded Sync Fab Parameters now included the Fabrication Properties Pane
  • Spooling additions for 3D Dimensions, Tagging, and Auto Defining Spools
  • New Command, Heal Pipe, for combining multiple pipe segments into one

BIMrx Cloud Manager 2.9 

  • Icons show the access level each role will grant to the selected users.
  • Dynamic display of BIM360® project folders, files, and versions.
  • Bulk inactive/activate of Hub Members.
  • Bulk control over project admin status for multiple project members across multiple projects.

Meet the Speakers

Shir Erlich
BIMrx Core Product Owner

Shir is a Strategic Implementation Manager responsible for providing technical support, consulting and training services to our architectural and building engineering firms. She has worked with clients on a variety of tasks such as Dynamo implementation, BIM Coordination, visualization with Enscape and Arnold Renderer, standards and template creation, and Revit Training.

Brendan Gregory
BIMrx Cloud Manager Product Owner

Brendan is a BIM Project Manager at Microdesk where he leads teams and processes for both short- and long-term projects. Previously, Brendan was an AECO Strategic Implementation Manager, where he led teams implementing BIM workflows and managing the construction coordination process. He provides BIM technology implementation consulting services and training for Microdesk clients.

Edward LaRiviere
BIMrx MEP and BIMrx Fabrication Product Owner

Edward is a Strategic Implementation Manager at Microdesk who consults and leads teams through BIM Implementation, Training, and Development services. He works with our MEP/FP clients on behalf of Owners, Engineers, and Contractors to make sure teams are leveraging the newest technologies and working as efficiently as possible. His specialties are in BIM360 & Revit Implementation, Dynamo, and Clash Coordination.

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