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What’s New with Naviate Fabrication

With advanced modeling and fabrication commands, you’ll be able to increase productivity and revenue for VDC designers, detailers and contractors. Our comprehensive set of features is constantly growing and improving with the times, allowing for a more detailed project to be produced with speed and accuracy. Join our upcoming webinar to learn about updates and enhancements to the powerful Naviate Fabrication and MEP.

What’s New:

  1. Additions and improvements to routing commands
  2. Improved & Enhanced Sleeve Workflows
  3. Improved & Enhanced Hanger Workflows
  4. Improved Data Syncing
  5. Improved Spool Options


Meet the Speaker

Edward LaRiviera

Strategic Implementation Manager

Edward is a Strategic Implementation Manager at Microdesk who consults and leads teams through BIM Implementation, Training, and Development services. He works with our MEP/FP clients on behalf of Owners, Engineers, and Contractors to make sure teams are leveraging the newest technologies and working as efficiently as possible. His specialties are in BIM360 & Revit Implementation, Dynamo, and Clash Coordination. Edward works on a variety of projects, both short and long-term, that can be as varied as; Dynamo Development & Implementation, BIM Coordination, Revit Implementation & Training, BIM standards and template creation, all the way to LOD 500 level MEP modeling and family creation.

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