Free eBook: Winning In Preconstruction

Most of the issues that come up during construction that lead to over-budget, past-due projects become obvious late in the construction process. But if done correctly, most of them can be prevented during preconstruction. Having an integrated preconstruction strategy that focuses on both driving accurate estimates and schedules as well as properly demonstrating visuals of the project scope and sequence will ensure teams win more work and promotes successful execution during construction.

This eBook will cover:

  • Contract methodology and lump sum bidding
  • The value of integrated preconstruction
  • The value of model quantification
  • The power of precon including constructability analysis, iterative pre estimating and project sequencing
  • Preparing the model for the interview, demonstrating change management and value engineering and the owner dashboard
  • Beyond Estimating, show the client what you will do for them

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